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Vapers/Ecig users, I need you for my research!!!

Hi everyone!!

Vapers/E-cigarette users I need your help! 😌

Whether you are a social user or daily user, this is for you! You can also be a current or ex/smoker as-long as you utilise e-cigarettes also. This year I am completing my Masters of Psychology dissertation. I am “Exploring the relationship between craving and impulsivity in light and heavy e-cigarette users”

I need you to complete a 20min max test, it is confidential and any results will be numbers and codes on a screen to me. Please click on the link for further info and to help me complete my study.

Please complete as soon as you can! Your time is greatly appreciated and you help in this study will help better support and enhance the research of e-cigarettes.

Thank you.

Here is the link below:

And a poster with a QR code. PLEASE SHARE TO ANYONE YOU KNOW 🙏🏻✌🏼🤍

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