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What does distance learning actually mean?

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Distance learning is a more popular topic than ever, but you might be wondering what does distance learning mean? How does it actually work? Who is distance learning designed for? Today, we’re here to answers your questions.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to earn a degree while juggling work, family, or other responsibilities, or simply wanted freedom to fit learning around living keep reading!

This learning model allows you to study whenever and wherever suits you best, freeing you from rigid timetables. As the modern world demands increased flexibility, distance learning is a perfect fit, providing a quality educational pathway that moulds around your life- not the other way around.

What is distance learning? 🌐

At its core, distance learning is a form of education that enables you to study outside a traditional classroom. Through an online virtual learning environment, you can engage with tutors and classmates, access resources like virtual libraries, podcasts, and videos, and complete assignments.

Why distance learning? 👀

Distance learning is a friend for those seeking educational flexibility. Whether you have work commitments, family responsibilities, or simply desire freedom in the flow of your life, distance learning is a pathway that stacks seamlessly in our multi-tasking world.

Is distance learning recognised? ✔️

Yes, indeed! In fact, distance learning has proven its place as a respected form of education. Employers and academic institutions globally honour degrees earned via distance learning. Just remember to check if your desired course’s institution holds credible accreditations. As an accredited degree provider, LIBF is listed in the UK’s Office for Students Register, is a member of The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) and is CFA Institute Affiliated.

How does distance learning work? 💻

In distance learning, you'll gain access to a virtual learning environment where everything you need to succeed lies at your fingertips. Download course materials, participate in online discussions, and fine-tune your knowledge through interactive quizzes- all from the comfort of your favourite study spot!

Are distance learning courses full-time or part-time?

The beauty of distance learning shines in its flexibility to cater to either full-time or part-time study plans, depending on your personal circumstances and other commitments. Choose what works best for you!

How to fund your distance learning degree? 💷

Don't let financial constraints halt your educational journey. Many countries offer student loans and financial assistance to distance learning students. For potential LIBF students in the UK, we provide access to funding options, scholarships, and a hardship fund to ensure money is never an obstacle in your learning curve.

To explore distance learning in detail, find the full guide on our blog:

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