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Latin Grammar notes NEED

Thank you
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Original post by parmiss05
I am doing a level latin and so worried. I just need to know what exactly to learn in terms of grammar, and what constructions for prose comp. My teachers for unseen weren't that good and so I have no idea how to tackle them...literally have a week till the first exam pls help. I am trying to count on literature to up my grade but even then its hard to get high marks on the 15 markers.

Hello! I'm also doing A Level Latin this year. I'm not sure if you used the Cambridge latin course for your learning but you can find the vocab lists and tests on their website to help you study. Since there's just over a week left, I'd recommend going over your notes for revision. The unseens are taken from Ovid and Livy. I've been practising with past papers, you can find them on the OCR website. Since you asked about grammar, you could make sure you're confident in recognising all of the different verb conjugations and tenses, adverbs and conjunctions, and conditionals.

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