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my bf is angry

I’m just mentally tired right now. I have 2 jobs i only have a few days off and I’m just struggling. My bf wanted to see me today but I was just not feeling it as every time we meet it’s always at his home and I just can’t be bothered to just sit there I don’t know why but I wasn’t feeling it. Another reason is that every time I go out with my bf my parents are always saying I’m always out and bla bla I jsuy can’t be bothered with that too. Everything is going wrong in my life and I don’t know what to do. My bf doesn’t get that I do want to see him but he’s got exams and everything’s all over the place. How can I make him happy , make my parents happy and make myself happy and also work
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Your last sentence is in the wrong order. Start by making yourself happy; spoil yourself during your time off and enjoy!

If you aren't satisfied with something in your relationship, speak out! Why do you only visit your boyfriend's home? Tell him to prioritise his exams and you'll catch up with him after that, but you are going out together. Arrange something that will be fun for both of you. Tell him you want to go out more; if he's not interested, you're not compatible and ditch.

Remind your parents that you are out mostly because you are working and it's a break from routine to meet your boyfriend. They might approve more if you actually go out with him rather than hang out at his (and wonder what you're doing!), so if that does happen, chat about it and say what you've done.

You aren't going to please everyone, but it's a start.
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Do some time management planning and establish some positive routines that work for you. Ensure these include time for you to do things you enjoy that help you to relax. Tell your bf you want to meet up some other places. One of the advantages of being single, set against the advantages of a relationship, is that you don’t have to please anyone else

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