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Pride and prejudice - how to form a good essay for theme and for Character

I do pride and prejudice and it’s like 2 days away from my exam I am just soo stressed and don’t really know what to do, I have read the book like 3 times but am still confused on what quotes I need to know and how many, I also really want to get a grade 9 but I don’t really know how to write a grade 9 essay for theme or character, like I can’t just revise for theme and if the question is on character just somehow change the whole plan to fit character. I am also quite bad at trying to remember loads quotes. 😭 I am just so stuck and overall confused on what I need to do to get a good grade, like ik I can get a good grade it’s just hard, i don’t know where to start. Sorry ik its sounds quite unrealistic, i wld be quite happy with an 8/7 aswell tbh.
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a few tips:

learn key quotes from pivotal points in the book, like Meryton assembly, Jane getting sick, both proposal scenes, Lizzy visiting pemberly with the gardiners, lady Catherine's visit, mr collins' letter, Darcy's letter, and the Wickham and Lydia scandal.

try to pick out quotes you can link to multiple key ideas/ characters.
eg: “Will you allow me, or do I ask too much, to introduce my sister to your acquaintance.”

Darcy says this to Lizzy when she's visiting pemberly.

his tentative, careful tone of voice shows the change is his character, hes no longer presumptuous and proud, and is changing to be humble and respectful towards Lizzy.

the fact that he wants to introduce her to his sister, the person he cares for the most, shows his admiration and trust in Lizzy.

you can link this to ideas about Darcy as a changing character, their relationship as a whole, or the way love is presented throughout the novel.

learn lots of context. Austen doesn't use usual literary devices that often, she mostly uses tone, irony, hypocrisy, satire, asyndetic listing, free indirect speech, and narrative perspective. these can be hard to pinpoint if you dont have any context for a quote.

dont worry about if the question will be on a theme or character, they're usually quite broad. you can always get a theme question and twist it in a way to link it to a specific character, and vice versa.
eg: 'how does Austen present ideas around etiquette in pride and prejudice.'
if you dont know how to write on the theme as a whole:

you can write one paragraph on the 'model characters' of society, like Jane, mr bingley and the gardiners.

you can write one paragraph on the ignorant characters, like mrs Bennet and Lydia.

you can write one paragraph on the characters who acknowledge etiquette and societal expectations, but fail to meet them, like collins, lady Catherine and miss bingley. this point can also be linked to Austen's criticisms of society.

for questions like this though, it is important to know context about the regency era and how Austen has staged certain characters to create an effect on the reader. consider the characters' roles in the novel.

dont worry about trying to learn too many quotes. if you learn a few really broad ones, you should be good. two quotes per paragraph is fine if you can write masses of analysis for each. remember methods, effects, Austen's intentions, context, and consider how Austen is criticising regency society.

GOOD LUCK!! we've got this :smile:
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Thank you so much 🤍 that was sooo useful, that makes a lot of sense- thanks for helping 🙂 Good luck to you too. We have got this :smile:

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