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Edexcel Igsce English coursework

Hi everyone,
back in year 10, I submitted my merchant of Venice essay and everything was fine, up until recently, we were signing the document that it is your own work, I forgot what it was called exactly, and I checked all of my essays the night after. I checked my merchant of Venice essay and some Ai detectors said it was 50% ai and some said it was 0%. I have spoken to my teacher about this and he says it doesn't read like anything that uses Ai. It is important to note that I wrote this essay before the Ai tools were even available, but I'm not sure that the exam board will even take this into account, or if they will just disqualify me. I am getting really worried about this as I am reading articles online of people getting barred for similar instances. I would appreciate any help or input into the situation, thanks

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