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I NEED VALID ANSWERS 2024 eng lit aqa gcse

all predictions in particular macbeth and a christmas carol
any other eng lit topics can also be discussed
people are saying supernatural and power for macbeth and charity and christmas spirit or even fed for a christmas carol
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These are the topics for Macbeth I've heard it's going to be about, but I wouldn't be too reliant on them:

Kingship (but apparently it's too hard, so probably not)

The supernatural (the only question on supernatural has been Macbeth and Banquo's feelings about the witches, but nothing explicitly about them)

Lady Macbeth (this is a difficult one, I don't personally think it will come up), guilt (which does have a bit to say to be fair)

Macduff (maybe how he's different to Macbeth, but again, this is a difficult one)

Hope that helps. You can also search 'Macbeth 2024 predictions' in YouTube and there are some good predictions and example plans which can be quite useful

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I AM PRAYING THAT ITS SUPERNATURAL- you can write about how King James was obsessed with the supernatural and Shakespeare wrote the tradergy for King James, you can write about the witches and there obbesstion with letting Macbeth follow their word, and there famous speach at the begining. You can write about how banquo says "you should be women but your beards forbid me to believe so" this can relate to context and how men usually played women in the jacobean time period which could also be a joke directed at the audience.

Sorry for spelling im dyslexic

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