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Which University is best Liverpool or Sheffield or Newcastle?

Hi, I want to pursue a career in finance and to do a master's in finance. I got offers from the above three colleges MSc in finance and investment management in Liverpool, MSc in accounting, finance and financial analysis in Newcastle, and MSc in Accounting and Finance in Sheffield.
I am confused about which university is best for finance and land me a job to start my career. Liverpool and Sheffield are near major cities in the UK like Manchester, Birmingham, and London but Newcastle is not. But based on ranking Newcastle is performing well. And I don't know about real-world scenarios in Newcastle and Sheffield University but I have some information about Liverpool.
So my question is how are Newcastle and Sheffield for Master in finance? And does university ranking matter to get a job offer in the UK? Which university should I choose?
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Hi, I can’t personally talk about the finance course, but I am currently at Sheffield uni studying a masters. As a whole, the university is quite good, the SU is great and the majority of all my lectures are good too (this varies between courses though). Plus the libraries are really good too, the main library (Information commons) can be quite busy though and because of this the wifi drops a lot, but you can easily reconnect, it can just be annoying 😆. I would say it does have some disadvantages though, I do think the disability services need to be a little better if I’m being honest, and a lot of the buildings need some updating, especially when you compare it to non- russel group unis, who just as a whole have better facilities. I don’t know which building finance is in though. I would also say that the canteen prices are quite expensive, so a lot of students end up getting lunch elsewhere. Plus Sheffield uni is up a giant hill, nothing against the uni but damn, you get a work out in the morning. I am going to Newcastle this year, I’ve heard great things about the city and the university. And you’re right the rankings seem to keep going up, which is nice to see. I would say talk to students who are already doing the course, I did find this much easier to pick a university, especially from an MSc point of things, and factor in course prices. I hope this helps. 🙂
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Thankyou for your feedback on your university. I will speak with current students.

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