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How do I cope with this weather while revising?

I cannot focus since its so hot.
Original post by lionelmessi34
I cannot focus since its so hot.

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i have gcses as well😭😭
so hard to focus
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work with windows and blinds closed
Original post by lionelmessi34
I cannot focus since its so hot.


I hope your exams are going well so far, and I wish you the best of luck! Whilst it's great we are finally getting some sun and warmer weather, it isn't great during exam season.

Here are some tips, which I have used for when I needed to concentrate whilst I was revising for exams - I hope they can come in use!

-Drink plenty of ice cold water, not only is this hydrating but it will also help with concentration and help prevent headaches
-Invest in a fan, this will be great especially if you are stuck in a hot room
-Try and get plenty of sleep, the heat can make you feel very tired and you will need sleep to feel rested and perhaps motivated
-Perhaps sit outside and revise, a change of environment may help and perhaps you can get the best of both worlds enjoying the sun and revising
-Take breaks, little breaks here and there can help with motivation and making sure you are giving yourself time to take in what you have just done / and read
-Revise during the cooler periods, apparently it is most hot between the hours of 3pm til 6pm so maybe you can try revising earlier in the morning and later in the evening
-Treat yourself to a sweet, refreshing treat like an ice cream

Best of luck for your exams, and they will be over soon!
-Maddie, second year Health and Well-being in Society student at De Montfort University

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