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can't get into student finance

found out I'm not alone in this but around 4 years ago I decided to stay on for A-level and got ema I didn't set it up and now I'm trying to get student finance for my uni course but know nothing about my account, I've tried everything from calling to emailing, I've even mailed proof as I've had to resort to mailing my finance forms now I can't see my progress of application, I've been going in circles talking to brick walls on the phone as I've moved house multiple times since 4 years ago and changed numbers.

should I just resort to going in person to my local student finance office?
(edited 2 months ago)
Hi there. If you are unable to access your account over the phone, we would request you to send a letter to reset your log in details.

The covering letter should include your name, email address, Date of Birth and the University/College you originally attended and should be sent to;

The Student Loans Company Ltd
10 Clyde Place
G5 8DF

It takes around 14 working days to be processed. Application forms take around 6 weeks, and if we needed anything from you we would sent an email to the address you provided on the application. Thanks, Leah.

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