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Pearson HNCs are an actual joke

I'm a complete idiot with severe self-esteem issues. I decided to take a HNC in Computing course because I didn't think I was good enough to go straight to university and now I regret it severely.

The HNC in Computing specification is actually a joke. And everyone in my class, including my teachers, agree with me on this. The course has so many unit criteria that don't actually make sense and are clearly written by people who don't understand computers or the computing industry.

At first glance, the criteria does make sense! But when a person who actually understands computers looks at it twice, it doesn't. It's filled with so much nonsensical garbage and I'm so incredibly angry that such a qualification is allowed to exist. Where is the regulation? How could HEQ and QDAM allow this?

Here is a good example from the spec: Examine networking principles and their protocols.

Anyone who knows networking will know that "networking principles" is a non-existent term in the industry. It's stupid and it encapsulates several real technologies like the TCP/IP stack without actually telling you that. "Networking principles" is the only term you're given in the assignment brief.

So, why didn't they say that? Because that's what they do. They use all this really strange terminology that nobody in the entire IT industry uses to make their assignments artificially hard. And I say artificially because when you take the spec apart, it's not harder than a Level 3 at all. This terminology and mental gymnastics they have you do with their assignment briefs is the only reason their qualification has a level of difficulty. They want you to discuss the bloody TCP/IP stack without actually telling you that! It's absolute bananas. And this sort of thing is the case for every single assignment, as well as every single criteria!

Not even my teachers fully understood what Pearson wanted. They had to reference their own teacher-exclusive material. And it took the whole class to just decode the assignment brief's strange mental gymnastics terminology, so we, as a class, understood what we actually needed to do.

And aside from all of this, it must be harmful to use non-standard terminology to students.

I wanted to get the highest possible grade (overall distinction) but I'm not so sure anymore. I have four more units and I don't think I can take it. It takes so much time to figure out what these people actually want. And honestly, one third of the time, what they want doesn't even make sense!

I'm completely and utterly sick of it. Maybe I'll just get an overall merit (I've built-up enough credit for it) and go for bare passes for the rest of my assignments. This is actual torture.

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