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GCSE Polish speaking

I recently had my GCSE Polish Speaking exam. I did some practice speaking exams in Polish Saturday school before the actual exam and was told that I should get high marks on the exam. Despite this, the exam didn't go as well as I wanted it do. I ran out of time when preparing my answers to the photocard, the question I asked my examiner was grammatically incorrect and my answer to the final photocard question (which I was not allowed to prepare for beforehand) was strange and possibly had grammatical mistakes in it. I am really disappointed and keep on thinking about this exam. The exam went how it went because of all the stress and pressure which I felt.

How generous are they at marking GCSE Polish Speaking exams?
Realistically, if I do very well on the other exams, do I still have a chance for a grade 9?
How can I revise for the other exams?

Thanks for the help in advance!
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This might not be of great help but this is what I did when I had my French GCSE exams; loads of past papers and then marking them, revision cards to remember/memorise previous answers I’ve written and my teacher has marked to questions in the different topics (Family, tourism, etc, etc (I dont remember what they were 😭)). I had my parents help me to recall the answers so I know them extremely well, around 95%, and then if I have gaps I could fill them in with whatever knowledge I had. It helps a lot if anyone in your family already speaks the language, in my case my aunt is a french teacher in another country so she was super helpful the whole time, quizzed me, tested me, everything - basically like a free tutor. I do realise not everyone has someone who already knows the language AND is a teacher for that language, but you can always get a tutor if you want to invest in it. Or if you have any polish friends that you can practice with that would also be great. I personally didn’t use Duolingo when I did french as a gcse but it could be useful to you, even if you use it for like 15 minutes a day. Lastly, just be as confident and calm as you can before the exam… I know it’s easier said than done but it will really, really help. Try to calm the nerves prior to entering the exam and just go for it when the exam begins. I did all this and I managed to get an 8 back in 2022. Just be as confident as possible and you’ll smash it. Even if you don’t, as long as you pass you’ll be 100% fine. I wish you all the luck in your exams, hope this helped!

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