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PFF2 Question

Hello, this is a question regarding Section 6 of the PFF2 Form:

I have twin sister, who is applying for university for the same year (academic year 2024-2025). I'm unsure what university or course I should put down for her, as she didn't get any offers so is aiming to go through clearing instead. So I don't know what I should put down for University or course.

Should I put N/A for both University and Course and explain my situation in the Additional Notes section, or should I use the university she just put down when she applied for Student Finance (which she didn't get an offer for)?

Sorry if this sounded confusing, just let me know if I need to elaborate on anything.

Thank you! :smile:
Hi there. We do need a course and university to be put on the application in order to assess the application. She can put down one of her preferred courses and university, then change this at a later date. Thanks, Leah.

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