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Guidance to decide Universities!

Hello guys, I am an international student from India who is almost about to graduate this month with a Bachelors in Commerce!

I had applied to a few universities in UK for pursuing MSc in Finance & have gotten some results back. Looking for some guidance from you guys for helping make a decision!

Few Questions I am pondering on & need help making
1. University prestige / Job Opportunities: How much does University matter in UK? My ideal match was Warwick / Kings but unfortunately got rejected. Wondering if going to one of the accepted ones will be worthwhile in terms of education & job opportunities?
2. Gap Year: If I do take a gap year, do you guys feel I can get improve my chances or is UK a more sort of academics oriented country (GPA and other stats are fixed). Looking for things to improve on. I believe applying early to Warwick would have made acceptance possible (2/3 people from my uni got in).
3. Summer School: Since I have this summer free, wondering if pursuing a summer course at one of the good universities in UK/US would offer any benefits in terms of experience / applications.

Mostly debating between Birmingham & Glasgow. Would appreciate guidance on selecting this for education, location, jobs. If not these, would you guys recommend holding off a gap year & try again in Warwick / Kings. Please also mention colleges I missed to apply & should think about next cycle!









Queen Mary





1. Uni of Manchester
2. Warwick
3. Kings
4. LSE

Stats/Academics about me:

GPA: 3.4/4.0

IELTS: 7.5 bands

GRE: 307

Academics: Co-founder of a finance club

Projects: 3-4 projects on real portfolio management, analysis of company's weighted average cost of capital, financial statement ratio analysis etc.

Research: Wrote a research paper on green economy focused on understanding the ESG framework and promote sustainable development. Promoted usage of EV vehicles in India.

Work Experience/Internships:

Worked as a junior analyst at a reputed trading / IPO firm in my city for a summer.

Volunteered as a tutor & care taker at a NGO helping under privileged kids. Participated in food drives, helped in spreading awareness among children.

Thanks everyone in advance who is going to take some time reading & responding this. Really appreciate it!




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