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Cramming for A levels!

Hi guys. Currently cramming for A levels - I do AQA English Lang, AQA Physics & OCR A Chem.
In my last mocks I got DDE, tbh not sure what I’m predicting myself to get for actual A levels but I never tried for any mocks (which resulted in me not applying to uni because my predicted grades were that bad lol 😂. It is what it is, I had 50% attendance because I was in and out of hospital.)
Any tips on cramming guys? :smile: I only have 2 papers before the June half term, physics & English both paper 1s ofc.
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Correction I got CDE C in English, D in physics & E in chemistry
idk abt physics and english but chem i swear it’s just practice until you get the hang of it watch allergy chemistry first and attempt as many questions as possible

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