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Compsci Uni degree worth it?

So I'm going to uni this year however I realised that I will end up with A LOT of debt that I will probably pay off full when I'm 50... My concern is, how hard is it to get a job in computing with a masters degree and will it be worth the amount of debt? Is an apprenticeship a lot more worth or does the degree you get from an apprenticeship have less value? For example, if I go to university I will go to Southampton for cyber security and if I take an apprenticeship it will probably be from a university that's a lot lower than Southampton. I worry that after I finish the apprenticeship, the apprenticeship degree will be worth less than a Southampton one and therefore limit my job opportunities and how high my salary can get. Sorry if this is badly worded, I'm kind of spiraling and panicking! 100k worth of debt for tuition and maintenance fees that I won't pay off sounds scary

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