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Using Student Status Certificate For Prime Student?

Hey Guys;

I graduated in 2018 and used my student email address from my first uni to get Student Prime.

After graduating, I attended another uni to do my PGCE and used that email address to get an extra four years of prime at the student rate (this one expires November 2024).

Anyway, after working in a hospital for the last 4 years (being a teacher didn't agree with me), I went back to do my MSc in Biomedical Science (Same as my BSc) at my first uni. Given I've already used that student email address once (I've since deleted the account it's linked to in November 2023), I suspect I won't be able to use my email and so am hoping to use my Student Status Certificate made available to me by my uni (for some reason it says I graduate in 2025 despite it being only a one year course).

Has anyone had any success using student status certificates before to claim student prime?
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