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Day in the life of a Psychology student at BCU!

As a second year psychology student, my typical day includes lots of reading and independent study. The amount of studying I need to do varies everyday, so I try to plan my day around my workload.

Getting ready
Fortunately for me, uni is just a ten minute walk away- this allows me to sleep in that five minutes extra to reach my 9am lectures. I’m usually up by 8:15 so I have time to look presentable, sort out my matcha, and a grab to eat. It’s a Monday, which means I have lectures for my Qualitative Research and Neuropsychology module and a seminar.

After I’ve sorted out my uni bag, I grab my keys and head out the door to begin my trek to uni.

Attending my lectures
Today’s neuropsychology lecture was about Perceptual Decision Making. It was really interesting how different brain imaging techniques are used to study and observe how decisions are made. I was particularly impressed on how our prior beliefs bias perceptual decisions.

I decided to catch up on a bit of reading in the library as I had an hour before my next lecture. I chose to read up on the recommended post-lecture reading from my Cultural Psychology lecture last week.

Afternoon seminar
It’s just midday and at this point I’m already a bit drowsy- so obviously I need a coffee become functional again. With my two morning lectures done and out the way, I head to my final session of the day.

This was a seminar for my Qualitative Research module, it’s a two hour session with lots of thinking and discussion. In these seminars we practice and learn how to use SPSS, which is a statistical software that’s really vital and constantly referred to in our course. As much as I (and many others) despise statistics and implementing it, it’s unavoidable.

I usually reach home in the evening at 5-6pm, because although my sessions end way before that- I still like to take my time during my walk back home and I like making stops around town to window shop or treat myself to a boba.

I think it’s super important to practice mindfulness and wellbeing occasionally as a way to de-stress and keep yourself grounded during these hectic times. Every evening I practice interventions like journaling, as I’ve found this to be an effective way to de-clutter my mind when I visually write and recap events from the day.

I end the day with a burrito bowl to my side, Modern Family playing on the projector, and my laptop on my lap as I work toward my upcoming deadline for my Cultural Psychology essay of “Perceptions and Experiences of ‘Singlehood’ across cultures”.

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