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Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry or Medicinal and Biological Chemistry?

Hi all, I have received offers from both
University of Birmingham for Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery
University of Nottingham for Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. Both are BSc.

Looking at the courses, UoB's course is solely focused on chemistry with an Options module related to medicinal chemistry and biochemistry in the second year onwards, while UoN's course is roughly 50/50 chem and bio. For context, I did not take biology for A-Levels although I did study it in secondary school, and I am much more comfortable and confident in chemistry. I am interested in possibly working in the pharmaceutical industry in the future.

Which course seems more beneficial/suited for entry into the pharmaceutical industry and would it be much of a challenge if I were to choose UoN's bio-heavy course as someone with lesser bio background? Thanks!:smile:

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