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Subjects/ qualifications I need to become a lawyer


I’m not sure where to put this so I hope this is somewhat the right place but here I go
So I am soon going into S5, I still have not made my mind up as to what I want to be but I feel I’m really interested in law. I have no experience with any type of jobs, however I am going to a programme where I see what life in university is like for people who are law students. That will be my first ever experience of where I see anything law related.
I am aware that you need modern studies to become a lawyer and I’m really worried as I have not done modern studies ever since S2. Could I possibly do criminology in S5 or maybe S6 even though I have never done modern studies? One pastoral care teacher in my school said that it will be okay and to just do straight criminology in S6 but I don’t think that it’s a good idea as I feel like I’m already behind enough. I also don’t know what qualifications I need to become a lawyer. I am currently doing
English National 5
Maths National 5
Biology National 5
Geography National 5
Administration & IT National 5
Drama National 5
RMPS National 4 ( as I absolutely hate the class and I do not for a second want to do anything in it, but that doesn’t matter). I feel like I’m gonna pass all of my National 5 exams with a B and maybe higher (English=maybe B or A,
Maths= hopefully B,
Geography= A,
Drama= A,
Admin & IT= A,
Biology I don’t know as I have not yet had my exam)

Can someone please tell me what subjects I need to pick and if I need National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher of that subject. Especially maths, if I need National 5 or Higher if maths. Also if I absolutely need modern studies and if I do what should I do?

I would be extremely grateful for any reply,
Thank you!
Do you want to be a solicitor or a barrister?
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Original post by PQ
Do you want to be a solicitor or a barrister?

I think I’m more on the solicitor side…

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