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GCSE english creative writing help!

Hi, I'm struggling with creative writing for English - I don't really know how to improve all that much. In my mocks I scored poorly with a 28/40 for my imaginative writing which was a nightmare for someone who wants to score top marks for English. Any tips please? I was thinking about just memorizing one of my pre-written stories with a plot I can twist if it means I could score higher that writing when I get into the exam.
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Are you doing AQA? If so, memorise a 40/40 creative writing piece and you won’t need to adapt it to the question as your creative writing doesn’t actually have to link to the image or question. Tips for writing a creative writing are to include lots of punctuation (… ; : - !), use a variety of fancy words (such as insidious, opulent, interminable), have a recurring motif throughout (such as a melting candle or a shattering mirror, and make sure that the piece opens and closes with the motif), use a variety of methods and techniques throughout (from basic stuff like metaphors to more advanced stuff like oxymorons, do not use onomatopoeia as this will make your piece look childish), talk about / reference the weather and conflict, do not include characters or speech, and most importantly DO NOT WRITE A STORY you should absolutely always write a descriptive piece. This stuff only applies to AQA, and this advice all comes from my gcse English teacher who used to mark exams and got 40% of my class a grade 9 in lang, me included
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Hi, thanks for the advice! Sounds like it would be super helpful for people taking AQA but I take Edexcel for English! I'll use your tips about the punctuation and variety of words though 🙂

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