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Undergrad to post grad vet med

I’m reconsidering my options because alevels are tough. What undergraduate degrees can get you accepted into a postgraduate veterinary medicine course? I know there are the obvious like veterinary biosciences, but what about other science courses like biomedical sciences or zoology?
I don’t know too much about graduate entry but i just wanted to make sure you are aware that you will not get your tuition fee funded when doing a second degree, so you’d have to self fund 9.25k x 4/5 years which obviously isn’t too easy when the course is very demanding so there isn’t much time to work. Graduate entry (i.e. the 4 year programmes) are also more competitive than the 5 year, and obviously there is no guarantee you’ll get in, so whatever first degree you’re considering doing, I’d make sure you’d be 100% happy with the job prospects after it just in case - it’s also a very long time to be studying. Overall, if you don’t get your A Level grades the first time it would be a lot less risky and expensive to take a year out and retake them.

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