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Can i resit my dissertation?

I’m currently a 4th year student in Lancaster University graduating this summer. However, I have been really struggling with mental health this past years. I am still undiagnosed but have reached out for help before. There was one time it got so bad and had to go to A&E for it. The doctors in A&E told me they’ll send a letter to my gp to refer me to a therapist and to prescribe me some meds once diagnosed. But unfortunately this time, I did not know that I was not registered to a gp as my parents moved and have probably told our gp that they’ll register in a new gp instead. Therefore, my go never received the letter from A&E and I wasn’t diagnosed properly. Now that I’m doing my dissertation, the added stress just makes everything worse. I have my dissertation due today but I’m only 2000 words in. Mainly because I’m lacking any motivation to continue and just kinda stay in bed most of the time not moving an inch because i feel like everything is weighing me down. Can’t even be bothered to stand up just to go for a pee. I feel so guilty and it’s very far from what I’m actually like before in my first year of uni in which I did exceptionally well in but turns out it doesn’t even count towards my final grade. So now i want to know what penalties are there if I submit my dissertation late or can i even still submit it late when i was already granted exceptional circumstances extended deadline? If there are any alternative options for me where i can do different modules with the equivalent credits or just resit my dissertation? Also if this would affect my graduation this summer?

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