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Two offers one via UCAS one through employment.

Hello, I have been accepted with a conditional offer with Wrexham Uni through UCAS, but I have also applied through a fully funded route through my employer who works in tandem with Swansea University and have been accepted on a BSc course with a conditional offer.

I was offered a place last year (for 2024 placement) with Wrexham and accepted (didn't understand the full process) and as it's the only UCAS application is considered a Firm Acceptance.

Swansea offered a conditional place in May and is now considered a firm acceptance through Swansea (Apprenticeship if you like). not through UCAS.

I want to study with Swansea but keep Wrexham as an insurance.

I wish to contact them about my dilemma and set things straight, is this the right way to do things?

Any advice on how to go about this?
If you're not using UCAS for both then you can just accept both offers.

You might find that Swansea contact you in the Summer about withdrawing your other offer so that they can submit your details and switch your application to go through UCAS (but that depends on the nature of the course and whether it comes under their contract with UCAS)

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