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Need help with choosing a College! Details in post (SG International applicant)

Hello! 2025 international undergrad Natural Sciences applicant here. I've been doing a bit of research on the colleges here.About me:

Applying for Natural Sciences (specifically Chemistry/Chemistry-adjacent specialisation)

Likely to pursue grad school after undergrad

Coming from Singapore, one of the top local schools

Trans girl, currently presenting as male (I hope to be able to socially transition and experiment during my time at Cambridge, away from home - nothing too drastic or outlandish though)


Willing to cycle, but not uphill (I think I might even prefer to cycle tbh, I like exploring)

Cheaper is better

Decent food

Generally sociable and friendly; community


Not into partying/clubbing (But I'm willing to try - that might change lol)

Any size of college is okay, preferably medium-sized

I want to interact more with the locals! Really make friends and assimilate in the UK... I've heard of students who were basically stuck in their (Asian) international student bubbles... I don't want to be so closed-off.

Colleges I'm looking at: (If you have any important things to share about them, let me know!)

Christ's (En suite bathrooms are pretty cool for trans folk)

Churchill (big STEM)

Lucy Cavendish (they seem chill!)

Pembroke (they seem fun!)

St. Catharine's (recommendation by Chemistry Olympiad seniors, though I doubt I'm IChO material... currently I'm in the final round of selections before choosing the final 4 for the team)

Thank you for your time!

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