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Maybe failing placement?

Any advice is welcome. For context, I have a serious anxiety disorder and I was very upfront about it. I'm an occupational therapy student in my final year on my last placement. I thought I was doing well, I was passing at the half way mark and my supervisor specifically said that while she pointed out some areas to focus on, they weren't critically failing bad.

However, my supervisor has a shared role and when that other person shadowed me (I've only met her once before), I became so anxious that I messed up and made the same mistakes she has commented on the first time we met. Now she's told my supervisor who's contacted the placement and my uni to put an action plan into place.

I can get behind an action plan, I like goals and working to improve. The problem is due to a long weekend taking up Monday, being told about the plan Tuesday and finalizing it late Wednesday, + my supervisor not being their Thursday or Friday the next week, I was only given five days to prove my competency.

I've achieved the goals, and I'll send them the completed action plan + evidence but I just hate how last minute it was. My anxiety has been through the roof and I feel like I keep making stupid mistakes as a result. I forgot to put someone's moonboot on before almost standing then and my supervisor had to remind me. And other more small things like forgetting something I needed to ask, or getting to focused on something I need to complete that I forget other things.

I feel like Im spiraling. I find out if I've passed or failed in two days. It's killing me. I reached out to my uni about maybe scheduling a meeting but my uni said that my placement didn't think it was necessary. I'm hoping that's a good sign? Maybe I'm over thinking everything but I cant stop spiraling.

Any advice? Are they allowed to fail me after leaving it so late?
What happened?

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