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I’m a grade six student from the philippines, learning jn a catholic private school. I’m not switching schools but I am going to the same school’s highschool. From the grade school department to the highschool department, both are three blocks away. I’m not exactly scared about going to high school next year. I’m devastated because I will be leaving my teacher. My English teacher and Filipino teacher. My filipino teacher has been like a mother to me, ever since the first time I’ve been her student, which was in 1st grade, my filipino teacher considers me her child, and I consider her my mother. Since my biological mother is a narcissistic, victim-blaming, manipulative, guilt-tripping and verbally abusive mother that only cares about my grades so she could post something to facebook and brag about it to her friends, called me a $lut for not letting her check my phone, revealed to my whole family my private things, sided with people who bullied me, made my insecurities worse, etc. Since my biological mother has been physically absent since she left me, my 6th grade english teacher stood as another mother figure to me because my english teacher is the nicest and greatest person you will ever meet. My english teacher is a kind, understanding, happy, caring, loving, inspiring teacher that never yells or shouts or scolds any of the classes she teaches in, even if she’s annoyed or angry at the class. Both of my filipino and english teachers have been the greatest mother figures I’ve had in forever. I’m really worried and scared what if I don’t ever find them again or what if I don’t find anyone like them in high school when I move up to grade 7? I know I’ll be open to more opportunities in high school but I just cant seem to let my english teacher and my filipino teacher go because I truly got attached to them after my mom left me and my brother after abusing us and only caring about herself for our whole childhoods. I wish time was frozen in place because I will be graduating in a week and it has me weeping that I will have to leave my english teacher and my filipino teacher. Its like I was stripped of a mother if I move up to grade seven. I’ve become so emotionally attached to both of my great teachers whom stood up as the greatest mother figures against my own biological mother. I truly love my Filipino and English teacher. I say I love my biological mother because she’s my mother, but in reality I hate my biological mother because of years of piled up verbal abuse and pro-longed insecurities being fed to get worse by my own mother. I only put up with my biological mother because she birthed me into this world, I really dont care about her nor respect her anymore. My biological mother has done nothing but verbally abuse me and blame my father for everything that has gone wrong when really she’s the reason why everything has gone wrong. I truly believe that my filipino teacher or my english teacher was supposed to be my mother.

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