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Dissertation Anxiety

Hey everyone, I submitted my dissertation almost a week ago now and cannot get it out of my head. I started it in February and worked on it for a few months but never finished it. A few days before it was due, I knew I needed to sit down, read it and finally finish the conclusion. However, when I did this, I noticed that my dissertation was required to make more sense. The evidence and case studies I used disproved my thesis statement. I tried to fix this by acknowledging this limitation, but nothing I wrote helped, and I felt like I was making my dissertation have no impact if I kept it this way. Because of this, I had to get rid of half of my main body, further the analysis of the case studies and stretch the analysis to fit the theoretical framework and thesis. I did this in eleven hours, meaning I was working up to the submission deadline and only handed it in fifteen minutes before. This has been causing me significant anxiety, as I feel sure that I have entirely failed it since I redid the entire thing in only one day and did not have enough time to go through it and edit it / even proofread it. I already know my feedback comments will sound like 'there's so much repetition; your points are not fully analysed or proved, and there's a lack of clarity throughout'. I am nervous and have been unable to sit still or stop worrying about this since I submitted it.

Additionally, my other modules this year have gone terribly. I got a 45 in one of my essays, bringing my module grade down to a 52, and a 58 in another one of my modules I thought I would do well in. I have never done this wrong in University before, and I am confident I will only get a 2:2 this year despite getting 2:1 in both my first and second years. I've never felt so anxious about anything in my life. I need a 2:1 overall grade but won't get it because of my dissertation. I've done the workings and figured the only way to get a 2:1 overall is to get a 50 or more in my dissertation, but I seriously don't think I will even get that. I might get a 45 or even a fail.

I know I'm burnt out, but I cannot help but feel so increasingly disappointed and like a failure. I should be celebrating handing it in, but I just cannot. Does anyone relate to this or have any advice on how to stop feeling this way?
Honestly try not to worry too much about it!!!! People often do a lot better on their dissertations than they think. My friend wrote hers in 5 days and handed it in 5 mins before the deadline and got a 65!! Dissertations are all your research etc. so it would be very harsh/ you would have had to write very little to get less than 50. Since like you say you got a 2:1 in first and second year your uni should round it up and it will be easy to explain to employers that third year was a blip if you do get a 2:2.

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