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What to do with a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE)


I recently made a post about me wanting to return to University after leaving in my third year.

I contacted the University, and they said I was awarded a Diploma of Higher Education because I completed the first and second year of my course. However, the university I went does not allow you to transfer credits or won’t let you do the same course again which I can understand. They did say I can apply to do courses similar to the one I did but I would have to start as a first year, this is not really an option for me as I don’t have the finance to fund another full course.

I am a bit confused with the Diploma award. This is because I’ve seen people saying it is basically useless, even making jokes comparing it to toilet paper. But elsewhere I have read that I can do a top up year in a different University that will allow me to get my bachelor’s after one year. This would be ideal for me as this is something I can fund. I could also see that I might be able to use the diploma to advance years in the Open University.

Would anyone have any advice on what best to do with a DipHE? Has anyone else gone through a similar situation?
Thank you

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