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considering going to uni at 29

I’ve started working as a freelance field surveyor for an environmental consultancy. Specifically bats which will last for the next 4/5 months with the potential to add in other species as I progress. I’m lucky in the sense that the lead senior ecologist is a friend.

Back ground: After sixth form I wanted to go into veterinary but my grades would never have allowed it so I took a gap year and then tried a Science in society type degree. I struggled and failed to find any enthusiasm with this course so dropped out within a matter of weeks. I have since had two children and a long string of part time and self employed jobs but no goal.

I love the work I’m doing right now and have started considering making it a full time career. Now looking at enrolling for a part time ecology and conservation undergraduate degree. The requirements state A levels at BBB with a contextual requirement of BCC.

I have A in Psychology, C in biology and D in chemistry.
I do also have B in AS science in society and an A in AS mathematics. All Gcse’s achieved were A grade.

I have reached out to a couple of universities for their insight but have yet to hear back.

My question, really, is two parts:

Would returning as a mature student and doing part time be as overwhelming as I think it will be?

If I need better A level grades, how would I even go about this?

Thank you, to anyone who gave up their time to read this.
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Could you pay to do it privately? But you could try to do an intensive A level for 1 year or you could try an access to higher education course
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Possibly. I’m still trying to get answers as to what would be considered as the best bridge so to speak. Ideally I’d like to do a foundation year but I believe that would have to be full time.

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