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geogrpahy paper 1

suggest why some tropical storms have severe primary and secondary effects - 6 marker
For those just do one paragraph on the primary and one paragraph on the secondary effects.
Planning first is a good idea.
Typhoon Haiyann - Philippens
6300 killed
90% of tacloban destroyed
5+ meter high sea waves
400mm of rainfall

Typhoon's has both severe primary and secondary effects. In the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan had detrimental primary effects, impacting the economy as many people were unable to work due to the storm, for example 90% of tacloban was destroyed, this results in many offices and workplaces such as schools to be unusable, which causes a disruption of the local economy, and therefore reduces the multiplier effect due to the lack of income and therefore tax. This reduction results in the government being unable to repair many of the roads and buildings destroyed due to the 5+ meter waves of sea, as there is not enough tax to be reinvested into the infrastructure.

Furthermore, there were several secondary impacts caused by the storm, as many people were unable support themselves due to a lot of jobs being lost, where 30,000 fishing boats were destroyed. This results in riots and conflict within society, where people would raid shops due to the lack of employment, ultimately resulting in 8 people dying due to stampedes. Furthermore, the secondary impacts on the economy further causes a cost of living crisis, as due to the roads being flooded with around 400mm of rainfall, it hindered the transport of staple goods such as cereals and rice, causing starvation and famine within the Philippines.

Just keep on adding facts as you will get a mark for each one, there is a limit though and then just analyse the effects, like the fishing boats will cause unemployment and therefore conflict within society...

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