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studying despite constant exhaustion

when i come home from school (in study leave period now for a levels but get similar sleepiness after exams) i am so exhausted and fall asleep, but when i wake up im still barely awake.

i've been prioritising my sleep lately so in the last couple of months of school i'd had about 6.5 hours a night, and on friday/saturday i sleep like 10 hours

i was always fine on like 4-5 hours a night from y11-early y13 so i think this is less about the amount of sleep and more about mental stress making me exhausted

how do i study like this.... i am always wayyy too tired to do anything effectively
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It's very simple, you are not sleeping enough. The fact you have been fine on 4-5 hours in the past doesn't mean you will always fine on that amount. Try sleeping for 8-9 hours for a few weeks and see how you feel - I can guarantee you will be far more efficient with your revision if you are not tired.

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