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Would you advice which option might be better?

I wanted to ask for advice, I am thinking to do conversion masters in Computer science although I am abit concerned about it. It is only 1 year course and it supposed to be for people with no knowledge about CS. I am worrying that after finishing this course it might be hard to find a job. Other option I am thinking is to do Apprenticeship, although i know i want get Apprenticeship in software development as u need to have some knowledge about coding. I am thinking to do any Apprenticeship that would accept me becouse at this moment I am not sure at all abojt what carrer i should go into. Do you think better option would be to go for master conversion in computer science or any Apprenticeship?
Thank you in advance
Hi @username6779482

There isn't really one option that is particularly better than the other, as it really depends on what you want to achieve/get out of the experience.

I would advise getting more information on both options. If you haven't already, go to university Open Days and career fairs. Talk to people in the industry to learn about employment prospects.

I don't know a lot about computing/coding myself, but I'm almost certain that you can find shorter courses (possibly free, too) about coding. This could give you some of the needed experience to get a spot on an apprenticeship.

However, personally, if you're not too sure about what sort of career you want and you have the opportunity to do a Master's degree, that could be a good option. It gives you a qualification and time to explore different career options related to CS. Universities also have dedicated career departments to support you with finding a job post-graduation.

It is a lot to think about but the more information you have, the better position you will be in to make an informed decision:smile:

Good luck!

BCU Student Rep.

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