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going into optometry primarily for the pay?

long story short: i have an eye condition, corneal neuralgia, causes pain in the eyes and eye strain. also severe dry eyes (mgd) which im being treated for but will always have symptoms.

im considering an optometry degree (i actually cancelled my uni offer because of my eye disease but considering it again) but its mainly for the somewhat interest and pay.

i was thinking i could eventually work part time as essentially my eyes have "a battery life" if i stare at peoples eyes all day for 8 hours i wont be able to keep them open after work because of my condition, i always have to rest my eyes. that's why i would wanna work part time so i can enjoy my personal life such as reading and going outside

do you think i should just do a job that a blind person could do instead so i can have a life after work? (eg i wont need to rest my eyes as much by closing them all day)
do part time optometrists make decent money?
i like biology alot and i like eye stuff but really struggle with maths and physics so would this course not be fit for me?
before someone says i should do my "passion" my passion is just helping people/making a difference to people's lives and feeling content with my life.

i really need answers please, my alternative route is to do psychology and become a cbt therapist or possibly a psychologist as that was my og plan before i got ill but the pay isnt the best and my eye treatment isnt funded by the nhs so i pay a lot of money just to live without extreme pain. (im aware of how competitive that is that's why im asking about optom again)

thanks so much in advance, sorry if this was confusing im just a stressed out year 13 lol
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