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Will my family have to move out of council house if I leave for university

Hey guys,
About 4 years back my family of 6 was on the brink of homelessness and family friends helped us stay in a hotel for a few nights while the council worked through their processes. We were given a 1 room hostel for all 6 of us to stay in- it was genuinely awful especially when a child spread Covid to everyone in the building at its peak. After a good 4 months in hostel we were lucky enough to be given a temporary 5 bedroom 2 bath house which we were over the moon with- genuinely still in shock at our luck being given this house for the past 4 years so far. All of that to say, I’m scared they’ll move my family to a much smaller house if I go to university- for some more context I have an older sister 20, younger sister 17, younger brother 13 and my parents. I’m assuming my sisters would be made to share a room, my brother being the opposite sex gets his own room and then my parents get their own room. It’s not the worst thing in the world but I have my challenges with them and I know my sisters will be at each others throats if they were made to share and then I’d get the brunt of it for causing the situation in the first place. It’s just a very stressful situation- I need to move out though because of my mental health issues and just the amount of trauma I’ve gone through at the hands of my older sister- my issues will never get better to the extent they could be if I don’t move out since I’ll keep relapsing onto bad habits that I know work so I know I need to go but from where I’m looking at it right now, both outcomes sound awful.
Another important detail is, I’m looking to rent privately so I can keep my emotional support cats with me and not be stuck in halls especially after hearing all the horror stories plus they don’t allow pets anyways- so I work be needing to return home during holidays or anything like that either.
Your tenancy is not clear - you say it is a council house which tends to have secure (or permanent) tenancies but also say that it is temporary housing.

Secure social housing tenancies are permanent even when they are under occupied.

Do you mean your family has a probationary tenancy? The probation period is normally just a year though.

Or that it is private housing that has been sublet to the council for it's homeless tenants? These tend to be temporary but for a number of years.

Or mid market rent (these are operated by social housing landlords and aren't permanent).

Anyway, Shelter is a housing advice charity that could help answer this, once you find out the actual type of tenure.

It's not normally landlords that make tenants leave when their households reduce in size, it's usually the tenants wanting to move somewhere cheaper when they get less housing benefit.

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