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Anxiety about uni for compsci due to poor gses

I am a year 12 student that wishes to study Computer Science and Mathematics at a prestigious russel group university ( top 20).

I study A-level: Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science and let's say my predicted grades are all A*

My problem is that my gces are mediocre, no 8's or 9's at all. I only achieved 7's,6's,5's and 4's.

Am I doomed ? Are top 20 russel groupuniversities (such as Bristol or Glassgow) completely out of my league? Can anybody out there just please tell me I stand a chance. I'm sick of the sleepless nights, I'm sick of the constant stress that no matter what I achieve now I'm a failure because of my gcses. Anybody out there who has gone through what i'm going through please respond. I need to know that I'm not the only one. I need to know there are people out there who have gone to amazing universities for Computer Science despite poor gces.

Sorry for ranting but I can't take the constant stress of uncertainty anymore. I need to know if I stand a chance or not.
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You're Doomed
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Original post by sregginontop
You're Doomed

Even if my personal statement is perfect ?
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Original post by Tommy_123
Even if my personal statement is perfect ?

You’re definitely not doomed! I got exactly the same grades and I’m going to Glasgow for law :smile:
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Original post by Dyendle12
You’re definitely not doomed! I got exactly the same grades and I’m going to Glasgow for law :smile:

Wow that's amazing ! May I ask if you do anything ucas related ontop of 3 A-levels like EPQ or a 4th A-level ? I ask because I'm also stressed that I only do 3 A-levels. Regardless, thanks alot for your reply, that's made me feel alot better :smile:
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unis wont care, really.
you might have to take a literacy test if, for example you dont have 6s or 4s in either gcse english subject or something. Also 3 a levels is all you need. If you feel like you want to do more stuff there are always free courses and extracurricular activities you can do (e.g. ImperialX maths courses on Edx or CS50x/CS50p for computer science are ones im doing)

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