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Cabinet split over rainbow lanyards

Conservatives taking their culture wars and railing against the fictitious woke agenda to a whole new level of pettiness.

A cabinet split has opened up on civil service rainbow lanyards as it emerges that guidance agreed across government will not actually ban officials from wearing them.Esther McVey, who was appointed to attend Rishi Sunak’s cabinet as a minister without portfolio, said on Monday that staff would be disciplined for any messaging on lanyards to hold security passes, describing it as “political activism in a visible way”.But official guidance due to be issued on Tuesday makes no mention of lanyards and the policy was not raised with other government ministers, The Times understands.On Tuesday morning Grant Shapps, the defence secretary, distanced himself from McVey’s criticism of rainbow lanyards, telling Times Radio: “Personally, I don’t mind people expressing their views on these things. What lanyard somebody wears doesn’t particularly concern me.” He said he was “more interested in the jobs that the civil service do” than in what they wore.
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I personally don’t care whether people wear rainbow lanyards or not (I personally wanted/want to wear one myself because I like rainbows. I’m not LGBTQ+ and I don’t like how wearing anything rainbow nowadays is automatically associated with being LGBTQ+ so I didn’t get a rainbow lanyard. Some people like myself are not LGBTQ+ but simply like rainbows and colourful things.).

Tories obsessed with identity politics in general. It’s funny how they criticise left wing people like myself or the far-left for being obsessed with identity politics when they seem to be obsessed with it themselves.
i would be happy to wear an IDF lanyard all day long :h::

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