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MSc Quantitative Financial Economics (UEA)

Is there a point in doing the MSc Quantitative Financial Economics at UEA? I'm not necessarily using it to get into IB or consulting but will likely apply. Slightly unsure what I want to do, but I have an interest in finance. Might look to build a startup as that appeals to me a lot more interesting than the logo pushing and other unstimulating work most juniors seem to be doing. TBH I just want to do something that exercises my intellectual curiosity and isn't just about pay.

I can live at home if I go to UEA, and it's tens of thousands cheaper than Imperial, Warwick, LSE, etc.
Would consider a PhD if in a year I'm still unsure.

For background I am a current Econ & Finance student at a semi-target (think Warwick/St. Andrews/Edinburgh/Durham/Bristol) and just about have a guaranteed first unless I somehow fail these final courses. I have consistently been top 4 in Finance (class of c.400) in every year. Got rejected from Cambridge's MPhil in Finance (who didn't?).

Thank you

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