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Becoming competitive for applications to Computer Science Masters courses

At the tail-end of my time at Exeter studying BSc CS and I've realised that I'd like to pursue further study at some point. I don't have the funds to support Masters fees and living costs currently though so my plan is to work in industry and apply for courses that begin in September 2026 or later years. My academic transcript is okay but not amazing; I'm on track to achieve 75% overall. Since the cost of taking a year out to do a Masters is essentially going to deplete my savings I only want to apply to universities that can give me a strong ROI, with strong links and background to the areas I am interested in (bioinformatics, computational biology especially genomics). I've narrowed my targets down to Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Warwick and UCL. Between now and when I go to apply for these programmes I want to make myself as competitive as possible - grades aren't everything but I'm sure applicants with stellar academic records (85%+) are a dime a dozen, so I want to upskill in other ways. What can I do to become more competitive?

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