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UCL or York: Archeology

I'm from the US, so please keep in mind any differences between the countries I may not be aware of. I know that UCL is among the best in the world for their archeology, but I'm having trouble deciding between it and the University of York for my Masters degree.

I'm very interested in funerary archeology, the study of human remains, and the study of religion/culture surrounding death. The specific degree of "Funerary Archeology" at York appeals to me, but it seems to be almost if not entirely humanities based while UCL also offers classes in science with their "MSc Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology" degree. I want a degree that will be the most fulfilling not only personally, but also in terms of preparing me for a future career.

I'm very interested in museum work, as well as recovery efforts to reconnect the remains of indigenous people with their families and tribes. I would love to conduct future research on death rituals, how colonization has impacted cultures of death around the world, and analyzing how death is perceived while directly working with remains. My undergrad degree is in international studies, an interdisciplinary degree that has prepared me for work in culture, religion, anthropology, etc. Please let me know if there's any information I forgot to include that could lead to making a decision, thank you so much!

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