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What's the best things about student halls

Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited
Well, when I moved into halls, it was my first time away from my family. I had an all girls flat, and it was great we all got on well, and if you're lucky you become really close. I remember we used to have this thing monthly, where we all helped prepare a meal, one would make a starter, main and dessert and we would then watch bake off or taskmaster. And at christmas, the better cooks of us sent the whole day in the kitchen preparing a feast and we watched presents and watched nostalgic Christmas movies.
Also halls is close to everything on campus, and its super safe, most campuses have security and someone on reception all night. I remember all my flat mates had gone home for the weekend and I was stuck at Uni or one thing or another and I felt pretty lonely so I played video games with the guy at reception until i decided it was time to head back and then security escorted me back to my building.
Summary: make good friends, learn independence, and if parties are your thing, they'll be a few held within your building
Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited

Hi @Sullynzzz ,

I loved my time living in halls although my experience might be slightly different to yours because I started uni in the covid year (2020), here were some of my favourite things:

Living close to all my friends

it was easier to socialise with my friends as I wasn't having to commute home

living close to uni so was easier to get to lecturer etc.

independence of living away from home

flat meals - we would all cook meals together like roast dinners on a Sunday, my flat would even do flat come dine with me sometimes.

Hope this helps🙂
Louise - University of Wolverhampton rep.
The best things are that you can make close friendships and improve your domestic and social skills.

They are often close to or on the campus. They tend to be cheaper than privately run halls. They often have support staff on hand on a 24/7 basis.

The downsides (I have both lived in halls and worked in student accommodation services) are

-some student residents are disruptive, dirty, selfish and can bully or steal from others. 1 person can spoil the atmosphere in the whole flat.

-it's a very soft environment doesn't reflect real life private tenancies - I think some of our departing students were in for a shock.

I. E, If you lose your flat key on campus at midnight, someone will let you in but a non student landlord will expect you to get a locksmith (min £100 call out), may not attend to repairs speedily and will not want to get involved in flat mate disputes.

We had students cry down the phone if there was a spider in their room, expect the heating on 24/7 and tell us on their departure day after their course had ended that they were planning to stay another month or two.

But it's still a good step towards independence.
Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited

Hey 👋 I loved living in halls in my first year! It was where I met some of my best friends and was the first real experience of independence for me. So cooking for myself and doing laundry, and having some mistakes along the way! But could laugh about it with my flatmates. I was lucky in that my halls were literally 5 minutes away from my main lecture hall which was great for the 9am lectures it meant I didn't have to get up super early! Plus being close to all the other campus amenities like the library, coffee shop, bars etc was really handy, especially for late night study sessions. We also had accommodation wardens too so always felt safe and secure.

There's lots to look forward to, I'm excited for you! I hope you have the best experience 🤗

Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited


If you always shared a room growing up, it's great at university to have your own space. It's the small things that count, but knowing you can turn the light on when you can't sleep or you can keep the light on when you want to read is such a joy! It's the freedom of being able to be as messy as you want (not the kitchen as you share that) or as clean as you want because it's your room.

It's a good feeling : )

Oluwatosin 3rd year student University of Huddersfield
Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited

Halls are usually pretty close to uni so you'll likely be within walking distance to campus (google maps is super handy for working it out once you know where you're staying).

Me and my flatmates used to play card games, and had a chunder chart and several different fun types of tally charts in the kitchen for the kitchen e.g. lost key, set off fire alarm, stealing, injury, etc :lol: We also played Mario Kart and Jacbox games.
Definitely recommend setting up a group chat when you all meet each other.

You can also basically do whatever you like - I used to do all nighters in the library and go back to my flat at 4.30am/5am on my bike... :biggrin:

Some of my flatmates said their parents were tracking them on their phones though :yikes:
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Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited


Moving into halls is a great experience and these were some of my favourite things about it!

You get to experience living by yourself for the first time which is great and gives you so much independence. It's a very different experience that you don't really get without going to uni!

Related to this, you get to cook for yourself and just in general be in charge of everything you do. Most people won't have lived by themselves before so it is really fun to get to do anything you want.

It's really fun living with lots of people your own age and again this is something you only really experience in uni halls. Everyone is excited to be at uni and living on their own for the first time so it is great and allows you to make lots of great friends.

I also liked that there was always people around and even though you had moved out on your own, there was always someone to talk to and I never felt lonely. People were always up for a night out or doing something fun in the flat so it was great to have lots of friends to talk to and do fun things with!

You tend to be close by to everything - from uni, to shops to clubs/pubs etc which was great when you wanted to spontaneously do something! It also meant it was really easy to get into town and also you are close to uni which is handy!

I hope some of this helps :smile:

Lucy -SHU student ambassador.
Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited

Hi there,

I'm glad to hear you are excited to move out and live in halls! I loved my time there in my first year. I was eager and ready to move out and away from home, so moving into halls was a great experience for me.

I moved into fully-catered accommodation, and although I didn't enjoy the food options all the time, it was reassuring to have that safety net and not have to worry about meals. It was also great for socializing, and the festive events they had were a lot of fun!

The halls itself were a great place to meet people. This is where I met my current friends, which I then moved in with in second year. I also met a lot of other people, and although we didn't stay in contact, we had a lot of fun! Being on-campus also meant we were close to all of the activities and our classes, which was so convenient. I loved having my own room and en-suite, a common area I could socialize in, and be in close proximity to everything I needed.

Despite all this, you may run into messy, rude, and people who aren't 'house trained'. They are a minority, but it can be irritating! For example, my neighbours on both sides were pretty loud at all hours of the day and night, but I didn't let it ruin my experience.

I hope this helps, and have a wonderful time! 🙂

Third-year Geography with a Year Abroad Student
Original post by Sullynzzz
Going to be moving out for the first time in my life. Just curious and excited
Hi @Sullynzzz,

Moving into halls is a fantastic experience for students, here are some things I loved about living in student halls. 😊

Having my first experience of independence and doing things for myself, I loved having this responsibility and learnt a lot of great skills including managing my time and money

Meeting some amazing people who I went on to live with in second and third year, I have graduated now but still speak to them frequently

Not having far to travel for my lectures, I lived about a 10 minute walk from my classes and the library which was super handy. I was also close to town and most shops where easy to get to

It's really easy to meet new people and make friends living at uni as everyone is in and around campus

Most accommodation buildings have security so it's nice to have that reassurance

I really enjoyed having my own space but also being close to others and having a shared space where I can socialise

I hope this helps and I'm sure you'll have a great time 😊

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