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2 day water fast - on antibiotics for acne

So I've heard some good reviews of water fasting and how it supposedly helps heal Ur gut and helps lose weight. I'm really unfit right now and feel bloated so I'm considering starting the water fast for 2 days starting today I ate fairly healthy the day before breakfast was olives and a apple then lunch was 4 boiled eggs a banana and a apple and dinner was 4 sausages, rice, 2 chicken niblets, and some potatoes. So id say I fueled myself decently my only worry is will this affect my antibiotics in any way but anyways I feel this fast will bring benefits and even if it doesn't at least I give my gut a break.
Update us later on pleze
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Do you actually need to lose weight? Or are you feeling bloated, in which case speak with your GP?

That isn't a 'fairly healthy' day's eating and your body needs energy and nutrition; if requured, you can eat food and still lose weight by being in a calorie deficit and not using some fad.

Read the leaflet thatcame with your medication; if it says consume before a meal, do so.
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Fairly healthy?
Eggs have too much cholesterol and contain no fibre.
Sausages are Group 1 Carcinogens.
Chicken niblets are junk food.
Rice - assuming it was non-whole grain - is semi junk food. As are peeled potatoes.
The olives, were they packaged with brine or salt?

Add more fibre: beans, legumes, whole grains (and by whole grains not sugary junky breakfast cereals). Fibre is the best thing for your gut health. Also great for overall body health and life expectancy, due to it promoting good gut bacteria that feed good chemicals into our bloodstreams.
Add more cruciferous vegetables: cabbage (great raw shredded in salads), brocoli
And more unprocessed fruits and vegetables in general
More anti-oxidants: amla powder, berries
Nuts. Unsalted
Eat a teaspoon of ground flaxseed every day
More herbs and spices. Elevate meals to delicious levels and are great for various phytonutrients
Swap some of your potatoes for sweet potatoes
Looks like you've cut out dairy - which is good and may help your acne.

Read How Not To Die, How Not To Diet, How Not To Age by Dr Greger - from your local library.

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