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What university should I firm for biology and whats best for nightlife?

The universities I want to study at and their entry requirements they gave for me are:

-University of Leeds: AAB
-Newcastle Uni: ABB
-University of Bristol: ABB

For context I'm year 13 and need to firm my choice by the 6th of June. I am predicted an A in biology, an A in history and a B in psychology.

I'm looking to study at either of these universities/cities but I can't decide which choice to firm. Anyone who studies/ has visited these, what university is best for nightlife - and for anyone studying biology at any of these places, have you enjoyed the courses? Personally i enjoy microbiology and plant/animal biology over human so what course suits this most. I need to make my firm offer and I enjoy all the cities but night life is a main factor in where i want to go.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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