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Returning to Uni - SF, UCAS, etc??

Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong forum i'm not sure where to put this!!
I used to be a student at a uni away from my hometown and had to drop out late in the year due to a medical problem, after a year now things are starting to get better so I'm looking at potentially returning for September 2025. I was studying social work and hoping to go back and do the same course, but at a uni closer to home as I'm now living by myself.
My main concern would be student finance, I'm not sure how funding would work with me going back. I believe funding is 'length of the course +1 additional year' so would this mean I am able to receive 2 years of funding, plus the additional? as I did study up until June/July I believe, and haven't heard anything about repaying my loans as of yet or I haven't received anything about an overpayment.
Another concern would be UCAS, I'm aware I would need a reference which would be a struggle as I've been out of work while recovering and my last UCAS application was done in college where we had a tutor support us with all that. I'm unsure whether i'd have to try and contact my old college tutors or try and ask my old uni tutor if that's possible.
I think that's all my main concerns, I wouldn't be staying in halls or anything like that.
There is nothing I want more than to go back to study social work at some point so any help anyone has is so so soooo appreciated!!!
thank you <333
Glad to hear you are on the mend! In terms of finance, you wouldn't be paying it back yet unless you are working and earning over the threshold so don't worry about that too much but you can log into your SFE account to check. If you only used one year of funding, then you will have 3 years left to use.

It's worth checking with your chosen university to check about references, as they may be a bit more flexible, but you can usually use a 'professional' who knows you instead of a teacher but worth triple checking they'd be happy with it to save issues down the line.

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