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What is the cheapest accommodation in Manchester?

Montgomery House is your best bet for cheap accommodation. Standard double rooms go for £450.00 per month and a deposit of £519.00 is also required, but is returned to you when you leave.

Not only is it very affordable but the tenancy agreements are very flexible. The minimum contract is 6 months and if your tenancy expires, you can extend for another 2 months each time.

The accommodation is literally 15 minutes away from UOM and MMU taking the bus. BUT the bus is outside the accommodation and comes every ten minutes.

The accommodation is mixed students and working professionals. It is set up like a hostel so every corridor shares bathrooms/ toilets/ kitchens.

There's an onsite gym, a lounge and a huge garden space + a huge park directly opposite (Alexandra Park).

Rooms are always available, so you can enquire any time of the year.

I would definitely advise you to have a look into the accommodation if I were looking for affordable and convenient accommodation. It is the best place to make friends but there isn't a lot of parties so don't get your hopes too high (;

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