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Help prom dress might not fit

I have a potential issue. I had my prom dress made to measure but im worried it wont fit. Any way to get a 9 inch waist in a month / let out a dress would be helpful :smile:)))
You could do some exercise focusing on certain area of the body, you could try wearing shapewear by getting some firm control knickers/bodysuit etc which could help a little and might be the better option if you feel you have put on a little bit of weight since the fitting, otherwise if there is enough time get the dress altered if it really doesn't fit
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9 inch waist?!? Think there's a typo there...

The ability to let out a dress depends on its design and how much there is in the seams. Plus you'd have to allow time for alterations to be done.
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edit: I GOT IT TODAY AND IT FIT PERFECTLY 🥳 but thanks for the advice guys xxx

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