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Is this Bowlby attachment essay good for a level, any advice would be appreciated.

Outline and evaluate Bowlby monotropic theory of attachment.
Bowlby believed that attachment is innate and adaptive, aiding the survival of babies and ensuring we form attachments through social releases (which are actions performed by a baby e.g. smiling) to trigger an adult attachment system, so that we have a caregiver to feed protect and comfort us until we are independent. Bowlby thought that there was a certain time period, in which babies had to make the primary attachment, this was called the critical period - the critical period for humans is 6 to 3 months. If a child doesn’t form a primary attachment before the critical period, it would make forming other attachments in later life more difficult. Bowlby emphasised the importance of the primary attachment of a baby as all any other attachment would not be the same. He believed a monotropic attachment affected the emotional, social and intellectual development of the child - harming development if attachment was cut early on in life. Through primary attachment, children form the internal working model, which is used when forming future relationships - specifically relationships in adult life. It is based on the relationship with the mother so having a secure attachment to the mother meant they would have a secure healthy relationship later on. however Bowlby was criticised in his theory for assuming the monotonic primary attachment would always be with the mother and ignored the role of the father.
Bowlbys theory has evidence supporting his idea of critical periods. Harlow conducted animal studies on monkeys and found that they have a critical period of 90 days and that if they don’t form the primary attachments, they experience effects such as being aggressive, poor parenting skills/social skills. This also supports Baldi‘s idea of internal working model of relationships due to primary attachment as the monkey showed to have faulty or no working model of social/loving relationships. however this study was conducted animals not on humans some psychologist would argue that attachment is different in animals than humans so the generalisability of the study findings are questionable and lack validity. A criticism of Bowlbys monotropic theory is that it is socially sensitive idea. It has implications for the mother - putting more pressure on them to form attachment and blaming them for any problems with their child. It discourages women wanting to return to work after a baby, making them feel guilty or less of a mother for their choice. feminist argue it is a burden of responsibility that could impact the lifestyle choices. however this was not Bowlbys intention as he saw it as boosting the status of mothers by emphasising the importance of their role.
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If its a 16 marker then you will need more evaluation, you only get 6 marks for AO1 but 10 marks for AO3 so maybe spend less time writing AO1 and try to do more AO3? Thats just what i can obviously see but im not an examiner :smile:

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