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Tips for a new S5

Hi I’m going into S5 after exam leave and I was wondering if anyone has tips for highers.

I will be doing French, maths, English, biology and chemistry. I hope to study medicine at uni.

English is probably my worst subject out of them but I still find it mangeable and easier than physics. Any tips on how to choose what to write for my English folio is greatly appreciated!

I was wondering if there are any good websites or YouTube channels for my subjects and good textbook recommendations.

Also how early should I revise if I want to get AAAAA?

Thank you!
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When it comes to higher maths honestly the biggest advice I can give is to keep up with hw, the exam for H maths last year was very easy. Bio and Chem aren't too hard as long as you don't cram. I personally wrote my English folio on the disenfranchisement of prisoners with about 10 sources for info.
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You can get away with revising just before Easter break but if you really want to get 5 As then you can obviously revise much earlier. For the folio, choose something that you like talking about and are interested in.

Good YouTube channels for maths:
DLBmaths, Clelland Maths

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