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Mercedes experience studying Public Health and Community Wellbeing

Although she originally didn’t want to attend university, since starting her course, Mercedes has enjoyed studying Public Health and Community Wellbeing so much that she has just been accepted onto the MSc Psychology course at the University.

This is her story.


I thought university wasn't for me

I'm a fully trained UK carer and first aider. I'd always thought that university wasn't for me, and I was prepared to immediately start full-time employment after finishing college. However, after my mum became ill, I decided to apply.

My mum is my inspiration. She's been a carer for 19 years and had been offered a management role before she became unwell. Seeing her go through her illness also made me realise that I didn't want anyone else to go through a similar experience alone.

I became her carer, which inspired me to apply for my course at the University of Bradford and go into healthcare so that I can help people.

I originally considered paramedic science

I realised that while paramedics can help on the scene, you never know what happens to the person after you leave them. I chose the Public Health and Community Wellbeing course instead. Not only can a job in public health give you the opportunity to help people in their communities, but it can also directly impact legislation.

This is one of the reasons that I'm very keen to move to Canada in the future.

Why Canada?

In the UK, the best route to be able to change legislation is by becoming a politician, which I'm not particularly passionate about. In Canada however, it's experts in sectors such as public health who play a crucial role in establishing legislation. You can have a real impact on the health and wellbeing of a population this way.

I'd first like to secure more experience in the UK and become accredited by the British Psychological Society. My Master's will also open up doors for me to volunteer in other countries, and I'm looking forward to seeing the opportunities that are available with the University of Bradford.

Passion to care

I love the course. It encourages conversations around prevention over cure. For example, we've looked at epidemiology and psychology, lifestyle choices and behaviour changes. Why do people do things that they know are harmful to their health, like poor eating and sleeping habits? This also falls into my fascination for psychology.

I have a huge passion to care for people and improve their lives, and I've always been interested in both the psychological and physical aspects of healing. My current course has allowed me to study this further and take an even more holistic point of view when it comes to healthcare.

societies and friends

Societies have played a huge role in my life since I started my course and I've made so many friends through them. I set up the Public Health Society and I'm also a member of the Psychology Society. I also think it's important to invest time in your hobbies. It's been fantastic to learn that you can come back to socialise at the societies up to five years after graduating.

It's important to maintain connections and relationships that you build during your time at university.

advice for others

I think it's important that people remember that it's ok to ask for advice and to not have a plan.

Before I started studying at Bradford, I really believed that university wasn’t for me. I’m so pleased that I changed my mind as I’ve absolutely loved my course and my time here.

Remember that help is always available, and there are other options if your first plan doesn’t quite work out. This also doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Your health should always come first, and it’s important to take a step back and focus on what you need, when you need it.

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