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Re: 2024 Pharmacy applicants mega-thread

Original post by student_5253
i have an offer from university of nottingham and kings college london, which one should I firm?

Hi @student_5253

Congratulations on your offers to the University of Nottingham and Kings Collage London!

Here at Nottingham, our course prides itself on ensuring you, as a student, have all the experience and knowledge required to make an excellent pharmacist! From year one, you'll go on block placements, where you will visit the same hospital/GP/Community pharmacy once a week for 10 weeks alongside the lectures, where you'll gain true industry knowledge. The course assess students with a variety of exams, Group projects, online open book exams, in person essay exams, lab books and essays are some of the ways they assess you. So even if exams aren't your thing there are still ways to do well.

Obviously choosing a uni doesn't only depend on the course but also all the things the university as a whole can offer and the wider city too! The university have hundreds of societies to join, so there is something for everyone! If you manage to find a subject that doesn't have a society, you can even make one yourself! The city is easy to get to, either by walking, taking the bus or the famous trams! And the city has loads to offer, cafes, restaurants if you fancy a bite, or mini golf and cinemas for something to do on the weekend!

The best way to decide which university is best for you is to visit them on an open day! Here's the link to book one here at the University of Nottingham: UoN open days 2024

If you have any more questions, feel free to reply.
Many thanks,
Dom :smile:

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